Price College IT Team

Manager of Information Systems, Departmental Computing Coordinator, Network Administrator
Sai-Sui (Shawn) Lam
Phone: 5-5888


Shawn monitors special computer projects such as web-accessible database systems and is the person to see if you have such a project. Shawn is also the contact person for questions about Desire2Learn. He directly manages the programmers, oversees the queue of service orders, follows up on the adequacy of our response to your needs, and conducts periodic meetings with the tech staff to learn of problems and ensure smooth delivery of services.

Shawn is also "go to" person for faculty and staff computer support. If you have a personal computer service need, please enter a service order. We carefully monitor and prioritize service orders, allowing us to study the response times of our tech support team. Of course, in a true emergency, feel free to contact Shawn directly.